Cyber Monday: Did Your Message Make It?

My inbox is swarming with email from retailers I do business with. Cyber Monday’s in full swing – did your copy make it out the door?

People are willing to open their wallets, so sweeten the deal to close the sale. After all, what have you got to lose?

Absolutely nothing.

Smart companies take advantage of holidays (national or otherwise) to put their products and services in front of customers. Cyber Monday is a great way to offer additional discounts and bonuses. Using your online store, offer checkout codes, discounts on a minimum purchase, and promote sale items. Don’t forget to include free or reduced shipping – it’s an extra incentive.

Two of the Cyber Monday emails I received demand my attention. (And that’s a good thing, marketing-wise.) For me, it’s a question of:

  • Do I need to purchase supplements for my horse? If I do, SmartPak offers free shipping and up to 20% off a purchase. I have to make it to the check out desk to find out my “surprise” savings. (Clever!)
  • Do I need Texas Pepper Jelly as a holiday treat? Proprietor Craig Sharry promises a 15% savings if I make a purchase before midnight.

These are only two examples, and both are compelling. (I dig Texas Pepper Jelly and SmartPak is a mainstay for my horse.) What floors me is that more companies aren’t taking advantage of Cyber Monday.

Black Friday and Thanksgiving deals are yesterday’s news. Christmas deals are for tomorrow. Are you willing to let Cyber Monday roll by without jumping in? Your online presence is established. Take advantage of good copy and promote yourself! Keep your message in front of consumers. If you don’t close the sale the first time, try again.

Email is a low cost way to encourage sales. The trick is ensuring the copy speaks to your readers. It’s the difference between junk mail in the trash and hearing cha-ching!

The Wall Street Journal reports retailers are pushing sales through Cyber Monday promotions. Sales are predicted to fall in the $900 million and $1 billion range. You read it correctly – that’s ONE day of sales.

If you didn’t get your message out (yet), it’s not too late. Cyber Monday isn’t over.

Put your best copy out there!

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