Thanksgiving: What Are You Grateful For?

I’m so grateful this year.

Course, I’m grateful every day of my life. I’m a happy girl. Life is good. My family is healthy, I have a new grandson and my business is thriving. The world continues to spin and each day is an opportunity to reach out and assist others.

It’s good to be thankful, no matter the day. We typically look to Thanksgiving as a day of thanks, however, so tell me what you are grateful for!

I want to thank my clients for giving me work. Without you, there is no Big Grey Horse Media. Some of you have been with me for years, while others are coming up on the first year mark.

In spite of a recession and hard times, my business remains strong. I’m grateful for that!

My family is the absolute best. It’s groovy to have people you love…and who love you back. Tell your loved ones how special they are. Reach out and give someone a hug today!

I wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. For those who don’t celebrate, have a great week!

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Laura's a native Texan. Besides loving Texas and horses, she's a marketing consultant, writer, and blogger who lives in the western Hill Country of Central Texas with her husband, their daughter, and a bunch of dogs and cats. Reach her at

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