5 Traits of a Good Copywriter


What makes a copywriter great? What should you look for when hiring a copywriter? When you’ve invested time, money and sweat equity into your business, it can be hard to turn over the writing to someone else. However, a professional copywriter makes your life easier by doing the research, writing and editing. The copywriter knows how to write strong copy that communicates your offers. While she’s writing, you’re free to do what you do best!

1 – Knows the difference between benefits and features.

Good copywriters put together copy that solves problems. Telling your customers how your business operates and what it’s about is fine, but this is a feature. Providing the answers to your customers’ needs and wants is the goal! These are the benefits that make the sales.

2 – Writes compelling copy that makes consumers take the next step.

Words are just that unless they entice readers and make them want more. Strong copy piques interest. Your consumers will want to call your business or click on a link or stop by your store. A good copywriter knows how to write words that generate action.

3 – Evolves with your business.

A good copywriter knows the sales letters written during the summer will need tweaking for Fall and the holiday season. She’s there to assist year round and wants to build a long-term relationship. She’s in it for the long haul and is dedicated your business’ growth.

4 – Knows how to deliver USP.

What makes your business stand out? A good copywriter wants to see your company’s history through press releases, newspaper articles, sales letters, marketing collateral and more. In addition to an interview, she wants to know how you’ve marketed in the past, what’s worked, and what hasn’t. In order to deliver your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) effectively, she must possess a firm grip on what you do and what makes your business unique. This is how she writes copy to meet your business goals.

5 – Knows what a good website consists of.

Your website’s main focus is twofold: 1) what prospective customers need to know in order to buy from you and 2) convincing evidence to make the sale. Strong copywriters cut through the fluff and fill white space with words that count. Web readers have short attention spans. Your business copy must look professional and be compelling enough to earn your readers’ trust.

As a business owner, what have you encountered when working with copywriters? I’d love to hear how an effective copywriter helped your business grow!

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