Coconut Ice Cream at Thai Niyom in Marble Falls, Texas

Homemade Ice Cream at Thai Niyom Restaurant

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Add a little bit of cool to your day. Order a bowl of ice cream at Thai Niyom Restaurant in Marble Falls. I promise you won’t regret it.

Coconut Ice Cream at Thai Niyom in Marble Falls, TexasThis isn’t your typical ice cream, so be prepared. Blue Bell doesn’t have anything on Mama’s (Oranthai, the chef) homemade ice cream. This luscious creation is hand-crafted vanilla ice cream blended with fresh, minced coconut. If that isn’t enough yummy goodness for you, ask for the ice cream to be served on top of sticky rice with sweet milk.

This photo doesn’t do the dish justice. You have to eat the ice cream to fully appreciate it. The danger? You will become addicted! At all hours when Thai Niyom is open, you will find yourself calling in an order of ice cream to go.

This item can be seasonal, so be sure to ask if the ice cream is available. For a summer treat, it beats the mango rice hands down.

With triple digits following Central Texas into September, ice cream is a must-have. Thai Niyom is known for preparing food with love. The ice cream dessert is no exception.



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