A Delightful Lunch at the Kingsland Coffee Co. – Kingsland, Texas


Kingsland Coffe Co. in Kingsland, Texas
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Getting your hair done is stressful. It works up a big appetite, so after our hair appointment last week, Afriel and I headed to the Kingsland Coffee Co. We had a wonderful lunch topped off by an ice cold smoothie and a steaming hot latte. My daughter and I had gorgeous hair, full bellies, and a big dose of satisfaction. Does it get any better than that?

Kingsland Coffee Co. was opened by Rick Gregory and Drew Gerencer. The duo still own the coffee shop although now they’re fortunate enough to have a manager and staff running the business. I remember the days when Drew and Rick were at the cafe 24/7. What I love about the guys is their ability to serve our community’s need for coffee. And good food. And great company.

Kingsland Coffee Co. in Kingsland, Texas

This coffee shop is like many others. It’s friendly, has wifi, and the invitation’s open to hang out all day. In less-than-desirable weather, you can sit inside and watch the traffic on Ranch Road 1431. When it’s nice outside, there’s a lovely deck sprawling around the front of the shop. And it’s complete with unique, handmade bird houses.

Kingsland Coffee Co. in Kingsland, Texas

We’ve stopped for a cup of coffee, but never have taken the time to eat a meal or lounge around. I wasn’t disappointed – this meal was a wonderful luxury. I can easily recall the days when I first went to Kingsland, Texas. That was oh-so long ago in the 1960s, and Kingsland didn’t have too much going on then. In recent years, I’ve felt that even neighboring Llano, Texas, had surpassed Kingsland in the realm of serving coffee addicts. Let’s face it, Fuel has it all going on. I’ve parked my laptop many times, over the years, at Fuel. It’s an amazing little coffee house, and way ahead of its time for an establishment in Llano.

Kingsland Coffee Co. in Kingsland, Texas

What do I love the most about Kingsland Coffee Co.? First and foremost, Drew and Rick. When I met the guys, I mentioned something about riding horses. The guys proceeded to tell me about a woman who rode her horse to Kingsland Coffee Co., tied him in the back, and came in for coffee. How cool is that? So that’s the first thing I love…nice, nice people in our wonderful lake community.

Kingsland Coffee Co. in Kingsland, Texas

Second thing I love is the food. This is a great sandwich shop! I had no idea how good the food was. Afriel and I will definitely go back for more lunches and desserts.

Kingsland Coffee Co. in Kingsland, Texas

With that said, here’s the scoop about our food and drinks.

I ordered half a turkey sandwich with mayo, provolone cheese, lettuce, and tomato on Jewish rye bread. My side was pasta salad, a pickle, and chips. Let me be the first to say this was a delicious sammie. It was made from fresh ingredients that were put together with love. The pasta salad is also made in-house, and it was good. Huge, square blocks of cheese with black olives and pasta shells. It tasted fresh, which is important to me when I’m eating pasta salad.

Kingsland Coffee Co. in Kingsland, Texas

Kingsland Coffee Co. in Kingsland, Texas

I ordered a honey nut latte, but sadly, did not even start to drink it until we got home. It was very hot that day, and the drink was hot – too hot to even sip while we ate lunch at Kingsland Coffee Co. However, once I was able to dig in, the drink didn’t disappoint. Hazelnut, honey, and espresso. Perfect!

Afriel had half a chicken salad sandwich on white bread with lettuce, tomato, and Swiss cheese. What we loved about her sammie was the chicken salad was thoroughly ground up and mixed into creamy chicken oblivion. While I enjoy a chunky chicken salad with bites of apples, grapes, and nuts, the well-mixed chicken salad versions remind me of my childhood. To accompany her sammie, Afriel also had chips and a pickle. She washed down her meal with an ice cold strawberry smoothie.

Kingsland Coffee Co. in Kingsland, Texas

Kingsland Coffee Co. in Kingsland, Texas

We took a piece of coffee cake home for dessert. Let me tell you, this piece of cake is really big! It is the perfect serving for two people, possibly three. Kingsland Coffee Co. definitely doesn’t scrimp on dessert.

Kingsland Coffee Co. in Kingsland, Texas



Kingsland Coffee Co. is located at 1907 W. Ranch Road 1431, Kingsland, Texas 78639. The phone number is 325/270-0863. The hours of operation are Monday thru Friday 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The cafe multitasks with drinks and food: You can get coffee, smoothies, frappes, teas, cocoa, espressos, cappuccinos, and more. Breakfast means pastries, which are served daily (and they look good!). Lunch is served from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. You can have a wonderful sandwich, cold or grilled, quiche, or a fresh salad. And if you’re in the market for coffee, Drew and Rick sell it by the pound and half pound.







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