Building a Successful Business: A Rotten Economy? I Think Not!

This is the fourth post in the Building a Successful Business series. Today we’re talking about the rotten economy we’re in. The awful, retched, wickedly insane, terrible economy everyone in the U.S. faces. Or could it be this economy is a blessing? While it’s no lie this new economy’s been tough for millions of people, millions of others are prospering, succeeding, and doing better than ever. Is this a rotten economy? I think not!

A recurring theme I’m finding is how the economy’s downturn circa 2008 changed everyone’s lives.

No kidding. I had a great job but faced ageism in the workplace. No one wants to hire an “old” woman. If you think it won’t happen to you, wait until you turn 40. Seton Healthcare Network never did it directly to me, but I saw other women and one man treated horribly. And yes, all were over the age of 50. Regardless, I was tired of the rat race. My youngest was entering high school and I wanted to be there for her. It was down to the two of us with my other children grown and gone.

Time to come home and make money through new income streams. While my choice to start a business was planned and deliberate, others didn’t have that luxury.

Whatever the reasons we’ve chosen to work from home, or even had to work from home, we are here.

Do We Have a Rotten Economy?

But do we truly have a rotten economy? I think not. I beg to differ when people say there’s not enough money, only low ball clients who gripe about prices, or something along those lines.

Trust me, I know areas of the U.S. have been hit HARD. I get that. But, there’s still plenty of money floating around, and people are spending it. Texas was never hit as hard as some parts of America. We’re fortunate. And I live in an area that has a bit of money to throw around. We’re extremely fortunate. In spite of that, Texas did see businesses falter, a decrease in revenues, and high tech layoffs. There are also people who lost significant chunks of their 401(k) accounts (as I did). But the expensive boats carrying families on the lakes remain, as do people renting luxury homes for weeks at a time. New homes continue to be built right here in Sunrise Beach and other homes are undergoing extreme remodeling projects. We’ve got people in the stores and people eating out. People drive around in SUVs and pick up trucks in spite of rising gas prices.

And people are buying writing, marketing, and social media services every. single. day.

My point? Maybe I’m seeing what I want to. Or maybe people are spending money in spite of tighter times.

What I see is a new economy in full bloom and a new way of working and doing business with the world. The people who are making money and doing well are the ones who are adapting.

If you’re creative, can think on your feet, and possess leadership abilities, why not spearhead your own company? Freelancers and entrepreneurs who see the benefit of helping individuals and companies are the people who are thriving. And the big brands who earn billions in our new economy? They are the ones who understand the power of connecting with their customers. Social media and all its glory aside, if you can help your customers solve problems, you will make money.

Final Thoughts About the Brilliant Economy We’re In

My conclusion? I do NOT think this is a rotten economy. Why not build an empire out of the new economy? Why not be positive about the changes that have occurred? Moving through time and space shouldn’t be that hard. Like it or not, times have changed.

We can bitch and gripe about the rotten economy or we can look for opportunities to make money. I choose to see the boats with families jetting around the lakes, people eating out, and people with full shopping carts in line at HEB. And all those folks speeding down Highway 71 in their SUVs. Spending money and being part of the financial circle will keep our new economy healthy and thriving.

Course, my positivity is fueled by my bottom line: I have to make my business work. In my area, it would be a sad to ask for employment. My area’s rural and the competition for jobs is fierce.

I don’t see having to do that, however. I’ve carved a niche in my industry and am doing just fine.

Does the new way of working confuse you? Are you having a hard time wrapping your mind around new ideas such as fresh website content and social media campaigns? Stumped about online options and how that relates to making more money? If you’re stuck, contact me for a consultation. We will look at your business goals, marketing plans, and flesh out the next step. I love seeing businesses succeed. Because when you succeed, so do I! Contact me for more information.

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