Building a Successful Business: A Rotten Economy? I Think Not! Part 2

This is the fifth installment of our Building a Successful Business series. We explore the second part of this rotten economy we’re in.

It’s been tough for a lot of people and businesses in recent years. But there’s change happening and that’s where I have to keep with the times and not close my mind to new technologies and new ways of doing business.

What I see happening, and it’s been going once since around 2005, is a new way of working. It’s the equivalent of people giving up horses to drive around in cars. Times are changing and like or not, traditional jobs have been flushed down the toilet.

If I want to go outside for a B&M job, I’d be looking at HEB cashier (at best) or bagger (more likely) for minimum wage, part time hours, and no benefits. If I couldn’t snag an HEB job (which is highly likely), I’d have to do fast food. Which makes me cringe. Don’t get me wrong, if that’s what it took to make things work, I’d be grateful for the opportunity.

But I’d lose my horses and all that goes with being an equestrian. And I doubt I could pay my bills…it would be a very sad life living – barely – hand to mouth.

That’s my scenario – and that’s why I keep my business going. I REFUSE to listen to what’s happening around me that’s negative. My area has not been hit hard like other areas of the country and there is plenty of money to go around. I tap into that. There are still people spending the bucks to play and entertain themselves.

Course, that’s going on everywhere. And back to my point about jobs.

Those who do not make this new economy work are gonna hurt. And hurt badly. Especially if they were accustomed to a better way of life.

Those who make this new economy work for them will prosper. And from those who prosper, some will rise to the top of the pile and do fabulously. (It’s all relative when it comes to money and happiness, ya know?)

In my lifetime, pensions and the company man and outstanding benefits and insurance WERE TAKEN AWAY.

In my lifetime, people now know they will have many jobs and possibly several careers. And that’s okay! (When I started in the early 80s, it wasn’t.)

But back then, you could still graduate high school, get a sales job in the tech industry – which was incredibly hot – and earn $50,000 your first year. All this without a college degree – if you could make it in sales.

Remember when $50K actually meant something? Ha!

We can make this economy work. We know the rules, the structure, and the organization. We understand the culture. Heck, if you told me, 20 years ago, that I’d be doing the majority of my business transactions virtually, I would have laughed. And probably not believed you.

Believe it now, folks. Make this economy WORK for you. There is PLENTY of money to be made. We are pioneers. Those of you who’ve been doing this for over 10 years are fully ingrained into the new culture and posses a deep understanding of how vibrant and fluid the web is.

Those of us who jumped on board in the last five to seven years are getting it, too. Things are changing FAST.

There’s tons of money to be made. Clients are STARVING for content. And websites. And mobile apps. And social media managers. And…and…and…

Your old way of making money may not work anymore. But there are plenty of opportunities for you to make money NOW. You have to find those ways, carve out your niche, and GO FOR IT.

Since this is such a fluid technology with rapid changes, you also have to be just as fluid with your business.

And speaking of business…because that’s why we’re here…good business means taking action. Good business means you’re going to fail and make some mistakes. Not every project will hit the ground running and make you millions. Unless you take action, however, and are willing to test and experiment and put your work/projects out there, you’ll never make a dime.

And that is good business no matter the economy, no matter the decade, the century, or the technology.

Direct your marketing questions to me – I can help you. And if you’ve realized that your site is starving for content that you don’t have time to write, we offer packages to suit your needs.

I look forward to hearing the responses to this post, and I hope to meet you soon!

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