Minty Smooth Grasshopper Drink

Minty Smooth Grasshopper Drink Recipe

One of the drinks I learned about long ago, when people entertained lavishly in their homes, was the grasshopper drink recipe. My father, and my mother, to a lesser degree, knew how to tend a bar. My father created all the popular drinks of the era for family and friends.

A grasshopper would be an after dinner drink, or a drink you had at the end of the evening, maybe while others were sipping coffee, or perhaps before you had a cup of coffee. The drink is silky smooth and oh-so minty; a combination that I love. Creme de menthe is one of my favorite liqueurs. You could say I’ve got a thing for mint…even when it’s an alcoholic beverage.

I will add that liqueurs are quite handy when you’re cooking, too. We’ve found, in the Big Grey Horse Media kitchen, that a variety of liqueurs are quite fabulous when you’re baking.

This recipe is so incredibly simple it’s frightening! All you need is creme de menthe, creme de cacao, and cream. And yes, I know that many people will shake the three ingredients with ice, strain, and drink.

Call me a purist. I don’t shake my grasshoppers with ice. The cream cools the drink enough for my tastes.

Grab your shot glass or jigger, a beautiful glass to drink your grasshopper in, and let’s go!

One shot of creme de menthe…

Creme de Menthe for Grasshopper Drink Recipe

One shot of creme de cacao…

Creme de Cacao for Grasshopper Drink Recipe

One shot of cream…

Cream for Grasshopper Drink Recipe

Equals one beautifully smooth and minty grasshopper!

Minty Smooth Grasshopper Drink



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