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How to Prepare for Halloween in Texas


Are you mystified by the process of preparing for Halloween in Texas? Your questions can range from: “Where should I get my costume?” to “Where can I find decorations?” and, of course,  “Which place will scare me so badly that I’ll soil myself?”

These are hard questions to answer if you didn’t plan this fright fest holiday in advance.

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If you’re a costume lover like me, then that’s the first step you need to take. Figure out what you want to be. This is a super-fun process. You can go solo with an extreme costume, couple it with a boyfriend/girlfriend, or do group themed costumes, like being a group of rockin’ bod Spartans screaming, “This is SPARTA!” all across town. Fun, right?

Since we’ve got that down, you have to decide how you’re going to decorate. Look at our Halloween in Texas Pinterest board for inspiration. Or take a drive around the neighborhood and see what others are spooking their homes with. This can inspire you to do a similar theme or add something the neighbors don’t have. Don’t have neighbors? Great! This means you can be the star ghoul of Halloween! Your competition is zip, zilch, nada, zero. Kudos.

skull surrounded by orange frames

Net step? Where to get your costume and decorations. Top Dog has both a web and store presence.  Their store fronts are located in Tomball, Spring, and Houston. Frankel’s Costume is also located in Houston. Their stores sell costumes and decorations, as well as puppets and magic tricks. Currently, the inventory is discounted up to 90%, so get busy shopping!

Now it’s time to soil your pants. Texas is littered with all kinds of haunted houses. I am an absolute scaredy-cat who needs a group of friends to accompany me to a haunted house. Yes, I’m the girl clutching, with a death grip, onto whoever is closest. And trying to not hide my face in their arm because it’s all too scary, even though I know none of it’s real. What scares me the most, though, is the chainsaw. A chainsaw by itself isn’t scary. I’m afraid that whoever is holding that chainsaw will lose their grip. The chainsaw then comes flying towards me, mangling my body. And no, I have never soiled myself.

A great website that I found is Texas Haunted Houses. They have over 50 haunted houses listed. This can help you decide which creepy, haunted houses are hot in your area, and which are the scariest, based on the reviews.

Have a BOO-TASTIC time preparing for Halloween in Texas!

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