Two Texas Halloween Events That Raise Money for Charity

Afriel digs Halloween – there’s no other way to put it. She’s told me, more than once, that Halloween is her favorite holiday. In writing her posts this month, she was passionate about two Texas Halloween events that raise money for charity.

SCARE for a Cure and the Houston Zombie Walk are two extremely cool charities that support the holiday I love the most: Halloween. They both have causes that are easy to stand behind: cancer, kids, and animals. I’m really close the causes because my grandma had cancer, I grew up around many poverty-stricken families, and I love animals. When I was little, I  dreamed of growing up and visiting a local hospital to give presents to the sick children sequestered there during Christmas (an experience I have been through several times). I guess you could say that the spirit of giving is in my blood.

SCARE for a Cure  is absolutely, positively, 100% volunteer based. The organization began in 2007, and has a themed haunt based at J. Lorraine Ghost Town in Manor. This year’s theme is Fairy Tale Nightmare. Creepy, yet fascinating, right? SCARE for a Cure donates to The Breast Cancer Resources of Texas and other local charities.

Want to be a part of their cause? You have the opportunity to do general volunteer work helping set up the haunt and/or becoming a ‘booscare’. Contact if you want to act and for building, tech work, makeup, costumes, and other general work. For more information, refer to SCARE for a Cure’s FAQ.

Houston Zombie Walk  is a year-round event with the 2013 proceeds going to Houston’s Children Charity, Houston Humane Society, and the Dove Key Ranch Wildlife Rehabilitation. This will be Houston Zombie Walk’s third year of zombie walking, but the organization is adding something new: Houston Halloween Fest. When I first learned about this charity, I thought, are the workers at the charity going to dress up like zombies and chase people around Houston? NOPE! It’s even better. YOU get to be the zombie! Another bonus? This is a family event that everyone will love. You can be a creepy, scary, sexy, ugly, or half-decayed. Get crazy and wild with your ideas (but keep it clean with no nudity). For more info check out the FAQ and rules.

While I am very sad to say that I cannot participate in either of these charities this Halloween, I am excited to say that I will try to make sure the events get worked into next year’s schedule. I love what these charities are doing and I feel that they should get more exposure.

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