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Disclosure: Big Grey Horse Media is an affiliate for StudioPress by Copyblogger, who develops the Genesis framework. If you click these links, you will be taken to ShareASale, who handles affiliate processing when you purchase Genesis or any of the Genesis child themes. We receive a commission when you buy Genesis.

While we fully endorse the Genesis framework and its child themes, our partnership with Copyblogger does not sway our views. This post is not sponsored nor is it an advertisement. We are sharing our opinions and experiences truthfully and voluntarily.


Big Grey Horse Media uses StudioPress’ Genesis to drive and power our blogs. We’ve used the Genesis framework and its child themes since 2011.

I agonized over which WordPress theme to use for Big Grey Horse Media. When I began this blog in 2010, I used a free WordPress theme through The free theme was fantastic for a baby blog that needed a place on the web, but hadn’t realized its awesomeness – yet.

Once I knew the direction Big Grey Horse Media would take, a freebie theme wouldn’t cut it. Not only did I want to make a fantastic impression upon my readers and clients, I wanted a theme that had the ability to morph into what I wanted it to be. All of the free themes I’d looked at and used were static and inflexible. On top of those problems, there wasn’t any support.

I’m not a WordPress developer or IT geek. Having a highly intuitive theme was imperative for my business.

As I shopped online, I viewed hundreds of premiere WordPress themes. The entire process took over 90 days for me to make a decision. I’d discovered Genesis at Darren Rowse’s famous blog, ProBlogger. That’s where I learned about Genesis’ simplicity, beauty, and structure.

And I kept going back to experience Genesis one. more. time.

When I made the decision to purchase Genesis, I knew it was best to buy the Pro Plus All-Theme package. This enabled me to have access to every child theme available that came with the Genesis framework. And – get this – I’d have access to every child theme developed in the future.

Is that a screaming deal or what?

I popped for the entire package, and it remains one of the best business decisions I’ve made for Big Grey Horse Media. The Nomadic child theme we currently use, which has been retired, is elegant. Genesis makes it so easy to share our experiences through content, photography, video, and social media.

Now that you understand how Big Grey Horse Media and the Genesis framework became teammates, I’ll delve into the pros and cons of Genesis.



Fantastic support. If I’d written this in 2011, I’d list support as a con. I want to state this upfront, because it was a huge problem for me. However, StudioPress has changed the way support is handled and it is 100% better.

You have access to straightforward instructions which include customizing your child themes to look exactly like the StudioPress demos.

There is more emphasis put towards people, like me, who don’t know how to write code. This kind of support ROCKS, because Copyblogger can’t assume everyone who buys Genesis is a developer or wants to hire one.

The price is right. You can’t ask for a better deal whether you’re purchasing one theme or the Pro Plus package. The Pro Plus All-Theme package currently costs only $399.95, and you get Genesis and every child theme currently available. For me, that means I have access to 59 themes! Where else can I buy that many themes, plus any future child themes developed, for less than $400?

The real kicker is this: You save almost $1000 by purchasing the Pro Plus All-Theme package. Sweet!

Support interface. When I’m logged in to my StudioPress account, the interface is clean and easy to use. Unlike the interface I used two years ago, Copyblogger has turned StudioPress into a wonderful place to hang out, look at new child themes, run demos, download themes, and read tutorials. The language is clear – even I can understand 98% of what’s written, which is a major upgrade. Honestly, in the past, I quit logging into my StudioPress account because of frustration. Now that things have changed, I enjoy logging in and learning new techniques or checking out new child themes.

Developer resources. If you’ve a developer, you have access to tons of resources. All the Genesis plugins are also found in this area (so nice!), along with mobile testing, web graphics, and code.

Simplicity. As I’ve stated, I’m not a WordPress developer. I’m pretty good with computers and can work with various software, but at the end of the day, I’m running a business. I’m not here to figure out how to code WordPress or develop a theme for my business. I don’t have time to tweak the themes I use – I need my business themes to stand on their own, straight out of the box.

The Genesis framework does that. It was as simple as downloading the Pro Plus All-Theme package to my computer, and then uploading Genesis and the child themes I liked to my hosted account. Sounds easy, yes? It is!

Customization is easy. If I wanted to further customize child themes for Big Grey Horse Media, no problem. StudioPress has developers I can turn to.

Features. If you’re looking for a theme that does it all, you’ve found it:

  1. SEO optimized
  2. Google authorship identification
  3. HMTL5
  4. WordPress security
  5. Regular updates – instantly!
  6. Easy customization
  7. Lightweight code
  8. Widget ready
  9. Comment functionality
  10. Auto-sized featured images



There aren’t many cons to list, but I’ve run across a couple.

Using WordPress. Prior to building my blogs, I’d used WordPress as a writer for my clients. The back end of WordPress isn’t difficult, but I learned very quickly that once you get inside as an administrator, WordPress has a learning curve. The upside is that Genesis is highly intuitive and in the almost three years I’ve used the framework, it’s become even more intuitive. However, don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can jump in and know it all in one day. The set up is easy – learning the ropes takes a bit of time.

More themes. If I could, I’d send vibes to those groovy StudioPress developers to make a few more choices for folks like me who run an online magazine or news site. There are several Genesis child themes that fit the bill, but they aren’t exactly where I want to go with Big Grey Horse Media. I’d like something a bit smoother and, well, prettier, without being a mommy blogger site (sorry, blogging moms, no offense meant). I realize that if I stick with Genesis, I will have to hire a developer, use a free child theme from an outside developer, or purchase a third-party child theme.

Wouldn’t it be nice, however, to find everything I need and want inside of StudioPress? Copyblogger knows people who buy the Genesis framework often do their own customizations. Why not develop child themes that include the features folks really want? My guess is, there is commonality in the customization features. Just a thought.


Let’s Sum It Up

Genesis had my heart from the first time I visited ProBlogger. My hope is that you’ve found this post informative and helpful. If you’re agonizing over which WordPress theme best suits your business, give Genesis a try. You’ll definitely be in good company – some of the most famous bloggers on the planet use the Genesis framework.

If you’re not interested in the Pro Plus All-Theme package, you can buy Genesis for a mere $59.95. It still amazes me how affordable the framework is. Most premiere themes cost far more than $59.95.

Over 100,000 bloggers have purchased Genesis. I am one of those bloggers who’s happily using Genesis to run a successful business.

I bought the Genesis Pro Plus All-Theme package for less than what it currently costs. If I were you, I’d make my purchase today – the folks at Copyblogger could increase the price at any time (which would be totally justified).

Why not snag Genesis while it’s so inexpensive?

You owe it to yourself and your business to check the Genesis framework out. Click here to be taken directly to StudioPress.


If you have questions about the Genesis framework, feel free to contact me. I’m happy to share more details!

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