Writing With Steve: Introducing Steve Pavlina & His Work


This post introduces Steve Pavilina and tells you what the Writing With Steve series is about.

I discovered Steve Pavlina in 2007, after he’d already been around for several years. By this time, he had a big following. I was impressed with Steve’s simplistic writing style and ability to delve honestly into subjects many bloggers wouldn’t touch. Today, I begin writing with Steve.

Steve Pavlina was a guru of sorts, and probably still is. I don’t follow Steve anymore, but I did stumble upon his site a few months ago. To say that I was shocked that he’d put his entire work into the public domain is expressing my feelings mildly. My creative and marketing mind, however, saw an opportunity.

Always the optimist and opportunist, I seized the moment and came up with a great idea. Like Julie Powell blogged as she prepared and cooked Julia Child’s recipes in the movie Julie & Julia, I am reading Steve’s body of work and blogging about my experiences.


Thoughts About Steve

Steve had it all going on in the mid-2000’s. He had thousands of followers and an active forum. Steve had begun speaking at conferences. He was also getting ready to publish his book, Personal Development for Smart People: The Conscious Pursuit of Personal Growth.

I enjoyed Steve’s writing because it inspired me. More importantly, much of what he said resonated deep within me. Did I believe in everything Steve spoke of? No. But what I did agree with, I was on board 100%.


Digesting Steve

I think what matters when you read other people’s opinions is the takeaway. Steve’s work gave me a deep feeling of understanding. It’s like he reached inside of me and touched my soul. Kinda like music you dig that makes you feel high. Steve Pavlina did that for me.

What I’ve found is I now have a way to give that back. I can share those feelings with you.

No matter what you think about Steve, his lifestyle, the divorce with Erin, etc., you can’t deny that the guy strikes chords. Whether Steve pisses you off or makes you feel like you can do anything, this work is worth reading.

See how my interpretations work for you. Share what you think in the comments to get the conversation going.

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