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Fast and Easy Ways to Get Facebook Likes for Your Fan Page

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You set up a Facebook fan page for your business. You want it grow. But nothing happens. If you’re baffled because no one came except friends and family (who don’t buy from you anyway), it’s okay. Facebook isn’t that difficult to figure out. Once you do, you’ll get Facebook likes without a problem.

We grew Big Grey Horse Media’s fan page from zero to 112 fans in less than three months. While that number may seem small, it gigantic in terms of growth with very little exposure or advertising.

However, you can grow your Facebook fan page to even larger numbers of fans. Through targeted advertising and promotion, you’ll easily surpass what we’ve done with our Facebook fan page.

Best of all, you’re doing this legally. You never want to put your web property in jeopardy by succumbing to black hat methods like buying traffic. Never. Ever. Ever.

Don’t be tempted to take shortcuts with your business. The internet is vast and it can take awhile to conquer your part of the web. Frustration about traffic means you need more promotion. And most of that promotion takes effort and time.

The fastest and easiest way we’ve found to gain Facebook fans – and quality fans, at that – is through advertising. The first promotion I did was deliberately broad, and we only picked up a few handfuls of new fans. It was a good experiment, however, because I found that across the U.S., there’s not much interest in a Texas destination blog. The other thing I could have done to increase our fan base was to run more than one ad. I remain pleased with the first campaign because it taught me where my real fans are.

It was money well spent. How much did I spend? $35.

For our second advertising campaign, I bought three ads at $5 per day with a $35 cap. I then targeted those ads to Texans, and further targeted those three ads based upon what I know about our fans. There’s a high population of mobile users, our fans like animals, many like horses, and they’re foodies. Based upon this knowledge, we gained 75 fans in seven days.

The advertising was cheap and well worth it.

Best of all? These are real people. This is real traffic. While our fan page is brand new, more people are engaging as time goes on, and we’re not losing fans.

That’s been my objective from the get-go with Big Grey Horse Media. Whether it’s the blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or our Google+ page, I want traffic that matters. I’m interested in people who want to get sticky and engage.

With quality content spread across these channels, we’ve done just that. Our growth across the board in less than six months is phenomenal! You, too, can have this.

What I love about social media is most of it’s free. Gone are the days of paying for traditional advertising methods. Those ways have their place, but know that you don’t necessarily have to use them. In fact, many companies will never need a television ad or a print ad in a magazine.

The money you pay for online advertising is cheap! Compare the cost of my two Facebook advertising tests to what I’d pay for an ad in Texas Monthly.

See what I mean? It’s exciting, the results are measurable, and most of all, social media is FUN.

Facebook has strict rules about how you advertise. Of course, the methods of advertising are self-serving, but hey, we’re all in business, right? It’s fair enough to say I appreciate what Facebook’s doing even if it’s costing the pages more to gain fans. If you’re not clear about the rules, Facebook’s advertising guidelines are here.

Our clients should look at long-term campaigns on Facebook. Growing a new page, or an existing page that needs love, isn’t a short-term strategy or an overnight fix. Social media and content marketing campaigns are planned, targeted, and implemented over the long haul. These campaigns are also a way of life for your brand.

Do you need a social media manager forever? (That sounds scary, doesn’t it? Especially if you have a small marketing budget.) My answer is this: If you don’t know how to work through social media, hire a social media manager. Get started, grow your brand online, and when you’re ready, get trained to do it yourself. You can’t afford to not be online. Seriously.

If you spend $10,000 for a small campaign, and that $10,000 yields $350,000 worth of new business, would you say that $10,000 was worth it?

That’s how social media works.

If you will never have the time for social media, either hire an agency like us to do it for you, or hire someone in-house. Either way, you’ll need someone to take care of your brand or it will die on the vine.

Getting Facebook fans is easy. And fast. Invest the money in your campaigns. We’d love to help you! Click here.


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