Seth Godin 2009
By Joi Ito (Seth Godin) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Free Download: Seth Godin’s The Bootstrapper’s Bible

Seth Godin 2009
By Joi Ito (Seth Godin) via Wikimedia Commons

This cool book is a must-read if you are serious about being an entrepreneur. Seth Godin’s The Bootstrapper’s Bible is a manifesto based on his book by the same name.

It’s funny how timely this little book is. Godin packed quite a bit of wisdom and practical advice in a mere 103 pages. I like that Godin doesn’t help you find the ultimate business to run (how could anyone do that?), but he does tell you what not to do.

I think we’re all looking for a magic bullet when we read other entrepreneur’s books. If you’re looking for advice and a well-worn path, you’ll appreciate this free download. If you’re looking for someone to hold your hand, then you’ll be highly disappointed. Thing is, you gotta have balls to be successful. It takes a whole lot of courage and a big heart to start a business and to keep it going. Self-employment is not for the weak.

Being an entrepreneur is highly personal. Being an entrepreneur is about risk. It’s also about making quick decisions and knowing what the market wants. I think I’ve been living on another planet for the past ten years because last night was the first time I’d seen “The Bootstrapper’s Bible”. I’m thrilled that it remains a free download, too. I haven’t always liked what Godin wrote (Poke the Box) and I find his blog…a bit unusual. But “The Bootstrapper’s Bible” hits some points on the head that every entrepreneur should know.

I’ve included a few of Godin’s books below that you might find interesting.

Enjoy, ya’ll. Hope you’re doing well after Thanksgiving!


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