Happy New Years Fireworks

Happy New Year from Big Grey Horse Media!

Happy New Years FireworksHappy New Year from all of us at Big Grey Horse Media!

Did you start 2014 on the right foot? Have you jumped into this new year with both feet? We’re very excited about our plans for the company this year. Things continue to get better and better – our growth has been phenomenal. We’re happy to have you with us as we grow and develop.

I think that’s the key to running a successful company – you continue to grow and develop. Like life itself, a business that stagnates dies. I see Big Grey Horse Media as an entity that will always seek to improve and move into new areas.

We’ve got quite a bit on the plate for this month. You’ll see healthy recipes prepared in our kitchen, we’re eating out at four local eateries that serve healthy food, and the blog will be filled with business tips, resolution posts, and more.

We’re very focused on providing what our audience wants, and so far, you’ve told us that you dig foodie reviews and recipes, business articles, and tips for writers. If you’d like to see anything else, be sure to let us know.

See you soon!


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