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Do You Care What People Think About Your Blog?

What do people think about your blog?

Do you care? Who are you writing for?

It seems that themes run around the blogs I frequent. Or perhaps it’s coincidence that I stumble upon the right words when I need them the most.

Recently, I read commentary where a reader commiserated about not having instant feedback from her blog, as opposed to the instantaneous feedback she’d received from performing arts gigs.

Funny thing is, I’d never considered a blog not giving me instant feedback. After all, there’s traffic to watch, commentary to engage in, tweets to share – so what’s this about not having feedback?

I get what this person is saying, however. When your blog is young and hanging by an isolated thread on the web, it can be a lonely journey as you build a new community. In the beginning, the rewards aren’t outside affirmations. The rewards are knowing you’re sticking with your blog, reaching out to others, and continuing the journey.

The more I read about successful blogs, the more I see how absolutely determined and tenacious you have to be in order to keep your web property alive. When commentary isn’t forthcoming, it’s like standing in the middle of Grand Central Station with hundreds of people flooding around you, yet no one sees, hears, or notices.

If you need instant feedback, does that disqualify you as a blogger? Can someone who craves attention make it as a successful blogger? I think so – if you maintain a patient stance. Most of all, keep blogging and channel your passions through your words. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself – and for others.

Does it matter what others think about your blog? Perhaps. Does it matter that you receive an applause after every post? Probably not. Stick with it, keep plugging away with great content and networking – the applause may not be loud, at first, but in the end, you might receive a standing ovation.

I’m willing to wait for that.

How about you? Is instantaneous feedback necessary? Do you need to know what others think in order to feel successful with your blog? Or to write at all?



Tips for Beginner Bloggers

Your blog is up and you’ve given it the kick start. Vroom! You’re off and running only to hit a screeching stop. Why?

Even the most eager beginner bloggers become overwhelmed at the enormous task of caring for their web real estate. Stalling out in the early stages happens (trust me, I know!).

But will your fledgling blog die on the vine or begin to bear fruit?

I’m not going to re-hash everything that’s out there. I will comment upon the plethora of information available and how easy it is to get lost, and forget where and how to begin again.

I recommend ProBlogger as your daily blogging bible. Read it, digest it and go back for more!

Here are some easy, but important, tips for beginner bloggers.

Keep it simple. Make a plan before you start. This plan can be as detailed as you like, but if your blog seems low maintenance, you’re more likely to go back. Why make it hard? Figure out your blog’s main purpose and how you will reach this goal.

Word counts. You don’t have to write long posts. Simple posts, if written well, are just as effective. If you have a long post, you might consider breaking it up into a series. Word counts of 250-500 are pretty common.

Ask questions and be responsive. Interact! The dynamic nature of a blog begs for your participation. It’s not just about readership. Show up, be present and jump in. Your readers want to see you, hear you and be as close as possible.

Be authentic, use your voice. Do you agonize over your blog posts? Don’t! Worrying about what others may or may not think is counterproductive. As your blog grows, you will attract readers who admire you and your message. You can only get there by being who you are. Shine, shine, shine!

Follow your heart. Post subjects that hold meaning for you. Even with a business blog, you can reveal your passion. Your work is what you love, right? (I hope so!) Following your heart is married to being authentic.

Post as often as you can. Some bloggers post daily, others post three times weekly. Find your rhythm and stick with it. As long as you’re posting a minimum of three times weekly, you’ll do fine. If you can post more, go for it! The thing not to do is force yourself to write. If you have nothing to say or can only say it half-assed, keep quiet.

And you, dear reader? Are you a beginning blogger? How are you pressing forward and claiming your piece of the web? If you’re an experienced blogger, what worked for you when you started out? Share your experiences and help others!

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