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Comment Policy on Big Grey Horse Media

TogetherThis is a general post about the comment policy on Big Grey Horse Media. We had no formal comment policy posted until now. We’re growing, quickly, and it’s time to establish the house rules.

We encourage comments on our blog posts – that’s how conversations begin and continue. We encourage friendly debates and lively discussions. Big Grey Horse Media supports the rights of every American to have free speech.

However, your rights to free speech do not mean that you can blast whatever you want, whenever you please. Would you go to HEB or Chili’s, stand on a table, and begin shouting whatever you were feeling at that point in time?

We suppose you could engage in that behavior, but it would either land you in a hospital psychiatric ward or jail. Just as you cannot behave in ways that are not considered good manners when you visit other private businesses, you cannot do that here on our site.

Big Grey Horse Media is a private business. You have to obey the rules or you’ll be thrown out.

Some people feel the anonymity of the internet gives them free rein to behave in ways they wouldn’t if their identities were revealed. That’s a shame, and we’ve seen it happen since the internet began developing in the late 1980’s and the early 1990’s.

We will allow you to visit and comment as much as you like, as long as you follow the guidelines listed below.

  • Remember your manners. Be respectful and polite.
  • Profanity isn’t okay.
  • Submit links in your comment and your comment won’t be published.
  • Use your real name, not a keyword. If you feel the need to hide, maybe you shouldn’t be here.
  • Spam? We don’t eat it and our filter throws it away.

Hate speech, rudeness, trolling…there’s no point. If you don’t know how to have a friendly discussion or debate, please leave.

We can agree to disagree, can you? (this is the key, folks)

We respect how you feel and what you think. If you are here, it means that you operate the same way.

If you can follow these guidelines and respect what we’re doing at Big Grey Horse Media, come on in! If you disagree and are here to provoke, attack, and cause fights, why are you here?