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What It Means to be a Foodie Blogger

Fresh Fish at Central Market in Austin, Texas
Fresh Fish at Central Market in Austin, Texas

I didn’t start the Big Grey Horse Media blog with the idea of becoming a foodie blogger. However, the blog’s evolution, and our business, seems to continue to move towards blogging about food. Let’s face it – food is hot.

Truth is, Afriel and I love reviewing restaurants. We’re long-time foodies, even before the term “foodie” was created. We’ve got a year’s worth of restaurants to review in 2014. We’ve also got a number of yummy recipes to share with you. As someone who loves to eat, this is a very exciting part of our business.

If you’re starting out as a new foodie blogger, whether you’re doing restaurant reviews, cooking in your kitchen, reviewing books, or watching food trends, my best advice is to jump in with both feet. Obviously you love food or you wouldn’t become part of this world. There are so many perks for foodies. The best, however, is imparting your knowledge with others who are hungry for what you’ve discovered.

Tasty Chicken Enchiladas at El Bracero in Kingsland, Texas
Tasty Chicken Enchiladas at El Bracero in Kingsland, Texas.

As you build your website or blog, share the best that you have. I don’t think you have to be perfect in order to conquer the world of food, but I think little details count. Readers care about good photographs. Readers care about strong content. Readers want credible, authoritative sources. We take this seriously, and each restaurant we review and every recipe we share is completed with honesty and integrity. We also know that our opinions are just that – everybody’s got opinions, and yours may be different from ours.

Boiled Shrimp for Lou Percy's Shrimp Dip Recipe
Boiled, fresh shrimp.

The most important thing you can share is your authenticity. Readers may disagree with your experiences, but they will appreciate you being who you are. When we review a restaurant and don’t like the food, we know that’s just our experience. However, we’re going to share our review honestly. At Big Grey Horse Media, what you see is what you get.

This month’s the theme is healthy eating. We’ve got four fantastic local eateries on the list and we’re so excited to share these new reviews. We’ve also got some tasty recipes to share. January 2014 is the time to get healthy and fit. See how much fun being a foodie blogger is? If you’ve got the inclination to write about food, the world is your oyster.