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Do You Care What People Think About Your Blog?

What do people think about your blog?

Do you care? Who are you writing for?

It seems that themes run around the blogs I frequent. Or perhaps it’s coincidence that I stumble upon the right words when I need them the most.

Recently, I read commentary where a reader commiserated about not having instant feedback from her blog, as opposed to the instantaneous feedback she’d received from performing arts gigs.

Funny thing is, I’d never considered a blog not giving me instant feedback. After all, there’s traffic to watch, commentary to engage in, tweets to share – so what’s this about not having feedback?

I get what this person is saying, however. When your blog is young and hanging by an isolated thread on the web, it can be a lonely journey as you build a new community. In the beginning, the rewards aren’t outside affirmations. The rewards are knowing you’re sticking with your blog, reaching out to others, and continuing the journey.

The more I read about successful blogs, the more I see how absolutely determined and tenacious you have to be in order to keep your web property alive. When commentary isn’t forthcoming, it’s like standing in the middle of Grand Central Station with hundreds of people flooding around you, yet no one sees, hears, or notices.

If you need instant feedback, does that disqualify you as a blogger? Can someone who craves attention make it as a successful blogger? I think so – if you maintain a patient stance. Most of all, keep blogging and channel your passions through your words. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself – and for others.

Does it matter what others think about your blog? Perhaps. Does it matter that you receive an applause after every post? Probably not. Stick with it, keep plugging away with great content and networking – the applause may not be loud, at first, but in the end, you might receive a standing ovation.

I’m willing to wait for that.

How about you? Is instantaneous feedback necessary? Do you need to know what others think in order to feel successful with your blog? Or to write at all?



Why Your Small Business Needs a Website

Ever considered why you should have a website for your small business? Maybe your customers ask for your URL or perhaps they’d like to place an order online. The truth is, it’s not hard to build a professional website and the costs are minimal. You’ll put some time in to get things started, but the return you receive is well worth it.

Build Your Brand

A small business website helps promote who and what you are. Whether you’re a one man show for your lawn maintenance business or the head of a 50-person plumbing company, a website matters. With 77% of Americans connected to the internet (and wireless users growing by the minute), it’s important to have an online presence.

Give Customers a Choice

By pointing potential and current customers to your small business website, it’s easier to grow your business. Let automated processes like an online store sell your products. Prospects can easily glean more information about your company with a few clicks. Current customers can join newsletters or email your support team. Remember that you’re solving problems and finding solutions for your customers. That’s what makes the sale!

Social Media is the Wave of the Future and It’s Happening Right Now

People want to connect and technology provides that option. Give your customers a sounding board through your website. When you establish a blog, offer product review/comment sections, or have a forum, your small business gets the edge over your competition. Remember that the majority of your customers are internet savvy. They want to interact with you! Give them transparency and you will earn their trust.

Websites are a Low-Cost, Easy Way to Market Your Business

Besides building your brand and on line reputation, a small business website is an almost free way to market your services or products. The cost of running print ads or direct mail marketing campaigns are costly. Setting up your website and marketing through it costs very little. A domain can be bought for around $12 annually and hosting runs anywhere from $3-8 per month, depending on your provider. (Hosting costs are much higher for websites with large amounts of traffic, but starting out, you won’t need it.)

Now that you’re armed with new information, what are you waiting for? Get your website set up and build your brand!

The updated version of this post can be found here.

Thanksgiving: What Are You Grateful For?

I’m so grateful this year.

Course, I’m grateful every day of my life. I’m a happy girl. Life is good. My family is healthy, I have a new grandson and my business is thriving. The world continues to spin and each day is an opportunity to reach out and assist others.

It’s good to be thankful, no matter the day. We typically look to Thanksgiving as a day of thanks, however, so tell me what you are grateful for!

I want to thank my clients for giving me work. Without you, there is no Big Grey Horse Media. Some of you have been with me for years, while others are coming up on the first year mark.

In spite of a recession and hard times, my business remains strong. I’m grateful for that!

My family is the absolute best. It’s groovy to have people you love…and who love you back. Tell your loved ones how special they are. Reach out and give someone a hug today!

I wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. For those who don’t celebrate, have a great week!