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Texas Pepper Jelly Foodie Review

Texas Pepper Jelly Star Sampler Pack
Texas Pepper Jelly Star Sampler Pack

Texas Pepper Jelly’s been close to my heart for a long time. Somewhere along the way, I sampled some of Craig Sherry’s hotter that hot jelly and fell in love. I’ve watched the Texas Pepper Jelly site and read the blog. I even subscribed to the newsletter for a few years.

This month, I decided it was time to give Texas Pepper Jelly a proper review. The disappointing part of this review was how non-responsive the company was regarding my review and order. I emailed Texas Pepper Jelly, introducing myself and Big Grey Horse Media. I explained my objectives and that I would appreciate any additional company information, press kit, etc. that could be included with my order since this was a review.

I never heard back. Not a peep.

After placing my order online, it was a bit strange that I never received a confirmation email. I say this because every other company I do business with either sends a confirmation email or sends me to a confirmation page at the end of the transaction. I was a bit nervous and wondered if the order went through. What assuaged my concerns was seeing that the payment had been processed for my credit card.

Now to the good stuff. I ordered the Star Sampler Pack. It showed up via Federal Express within a few days of placing my order.

Cranberry Habanero Texas Pepper Jelly
Cranberry Habanero Texas Pepper Jelly

The promptness of the delivery was great! I often wait over a week for items because I rarely pay for expedited shipping.

The jelly was packed well. The wooden star that the sample jelly jars were packed in was attractive. For this order, you pick six jelly flavors to fill the sampler. I chose strawberry, cranberry, apple, apricot, pineapple, and raspberry. When the order arrived, a handwritten note inside explained that the cranberry habanero jelly only comes in a 5 oz. jar, so Texas passion habanero was substituted in its place. I also received the cranberry habanero jelly, gratis, in its 5 oz jar. Now that’s good customer service!

I am the first to admit that I dig spicy. I’m a chili head from way back. I’ve sampled Texas Pepper Jelly in the past and really liked it. Hold onto your hats, however, because the jellies that showed up were s-p-i-c-y. All of them are habanero based, so I expected a punch and a kick. But I’m here to tell you, these jellies are fierce!

I sampled each, over a period of a few days, first by dipping a spoon into the jelly and trying it straight. The berry jellies are definitely the most authentic in flavor. While each of the jellies I tried were good, the pineapple probably loses my vote as least flavorful. I didn’t find anything pineapple about the taste; it’s just a sweet jelly with lots of spice.

Sampling Texas Pepper Jelly
Sampling Texas Pepper Jelly on crackers with cream cheese.

The Texas passion habanero jelly was interesting, because it’s a mix of fruits laden with habanero. I honestly couldn’t pick out any of the fruits listed, but overall, the jelly has a sweet, pleasant taste. I guess I was looking for a distinct fruit taste, and I couldn’t find it, which was a bit of a let-down.

The cranberry was okay, as were the apple and apricot. These are flavors you can recognize. The true winners, in my book, were the strawberry and raspberry jellies. I distinctly found the berry flavors and there was nothing artificial about the taste.

I ended up doing the rest of my sampling with HEB water crackers, a thin layer of cream cheese, and Texas Pepper Jelly on top. This is the ideal way to eat these jellies. While the jellies remained overly spicy (too much pepper blasting out the good fruit), the combination of the bland cracker crunch and smooth cheese made eating the jellies a fun treat.

If you don’t like spicy foods, leave Texas Pepper Jelly to the folks who do. You won’t like these – they are strong! In some ways, a bit too strong for me. When the fruit taste came through, as in the strawberry and raspberry jellies, the strong pepper vibe made sense. It didn’t make as much sense with the jellies where the taste was little more than sugar with peppers thrown in.

In spite of my disappointment, I want to say that I love what Craig’s done with his company. And those who love habanero peppers mixed with jelly should dig what Texas Pepper Jelly has to offer. I am game to try more products and give the company a fair shake. I will say that what I sampled in the past was spicy, but I seem to recall the fruit flavors being clearer. I’d also like to incorporate the jellies into recipes.

While Texas Pepper Jelly’s online ordering may be a bit strange to me (no email confirmation or confirmation page), this order arrived quickly, was attractively packaged, and contained a nice note, an additional sample, and swag (a Texas Pepper Jelly refrigerator magnet that’s a 2014 calendar and a blue, rubber Texas Pepper Jelly coaster). Everything was a very nice touch and it helped to make up for my confusion about the order.

This story will continue. Thanks, Craig!



Texas Pepper Jelly is an online store. The phone number is 713-702-3489. You can also email sales@texaspepperjelly.com.


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Ginger & Spice in Marble Falls, Texas: A Pictorial Review

Ginger and Spice on Foodio54

Ginger & Spice on Urbanspoon

We took so many pictures during our lunch at Ginger & Spice in Marble Falls, Texas, that I decided to include a pictorial review post, too.

Ginger & Spice is oh-so nice, and well-deserving of all the publicity the restaurant can get. Get ready for our Christmas party order, because I’m already drooling over what we will eat!

Enjoy the pictorial. It’s one of my favorite types of posts.

The front entrance of Ginger & Spice Thai Cuisine & Sushi Bar.

Ginger and Spice in Marble Falls, Texas

Ice cold water with a lemon slice, fresh lemonade, and  strong Thai tea.

Ice water, lemonade, Thai tea at Ginger & Spice in Marble Falls, Texas

The salad bar.

Salad bar at Ginger and Spice in Marble Falls, Texas

Salad bar sushi rolls at Ginger & Spice in Marble Falls, Texas.

Salad bar tempura at Ginger & Spice in Marble Falls, Texas

Salad bar condiments at Ginger & Spice in Marble Falls, Texas

Salad bar sushi rolls at Ginger & Spice in Marble Falls, Texas.

Salad bar toppings at Ginger & Spice in Marble Falls, Texas.

Salad bar soups at Ginger & Spice in Marble Falls, Texas

Appetizer plate from the salad bar.

Salad bar sampling at Ginger & Spice in Marble Falls, Texas.

Tom jerd with tofu soup

Tom jerd with tofu soup at Ginger & Spice in Marble Falls, Texas

Saigon noodles

Saigon noodles at Ginger & Spice in Marble Falls, Texas

Spicy tuna roll

Spicy tuna roll at Ginger & Spice in Marble Falls, Texas

Chef’s choice 7-piece sushi platter

Chef's choice sushi at Ginger & Spice in Marble Falls, Texas


Ginger & Spice is located at 909 Second Street in Marble Falls, Texas, 78645. The phone number is 830/693-7171. The hours of operation for lunch are Monday thru Friday, 11:00 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday, 12:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. The hours of operation for dinner are Monday thru Thursday, 5:00 p.m. until 9:30 p.m.; Friday thru Saturday, 5:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m.; Sunday 5:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m.

Cyber Monday: Did Your Message Make It?

My inbox is swarming with email from retailers I do business with. Cyber Monday’s in full swing – did your copy make it out the door?

People are willing to open their wallets, so sweeten the deal to close the sale. After all, what have you got to lose?

Absolutely nothing.

Smart companies take advantage of holidays (national or otherwise) to put their products and services in front of customers. Cyber Monday is a great way to offer additional discounts and bonuses. Using your online store, offer checkout codes, discounts on a minimum purchase, and promote sale items. Don’t forget to include free or reduced shipping – it’s an extra incentive.

Two of the Cyber Monday emails I received demand my attention. (And that’s a good thing, marketing-wise.) For me, it’s a question of:

  • Do I need to purchase supplements for my horse? If I do, SmartPak offers free shipping and up to 20% off a purchase. I have to make it to the check out desk to find out my “surprise” savings. (Clever!)
  • Do I need Texas Pepper Jelly as a holiday treat? Proprietor Craig Sharry promises a 15% savings if I make a purchase before midnight.

These are only two examples, and both are compelling. (I dig Texas Pepper Jelly and SmartPak is a mainstay for my horse.) What floors me is that more companies aren’t taking advantage of Cyber Monday.

Black Friday and Thanksgiving deals are yesterday’s news. Christmas deals are for tomorrow. Are you willing to let Cyber Monday roll by without jumping in? Your online presence is established. Take advantage of good copy and promote yourself! Keep your message in front of consumers. If you don’t close the sale the first time, try again.

Email is a low cost way to encourage sales. The trick is ensuring the copy speaks to your readers. It’s the difference between junk mail in the trash and hearing cha-ching!

The Wall Street Journal reports retailers are pushing sales through Cyber Monday promotions. Sales are predicted to fall in the $900 million and $1 billion range. You read it correctly – that’s ONE day of sales.

If you didn’t get your message out (yet), it’s not too late. Cyber Monday isn’t over.

Put your best copy out there!