Laura Townshend
Laura Townshend

We blog about Texas. We also talk about marketing, writing, social media, customer service, and more.

Big Grey Horse Media was founded in 2008. In addition to running this blog, Laura Townshend writes content and develops marketing campaigns for clients. Her writing specialization is marketing collateral. See the Services page for more information.

Laura established Big Grey Horse Media in January 2008, when she began writing for articles and web content for clients. At that time, Laura was working at Seton Healthcare Network, where she’d been employed since Fall 2002. By July 2008, Laura had enough clients to branch out on her own. She gave notice and quit working outside the home – forever.

Big Grey Horse Media’s web presence began around Thanksgiving 2010. At that time, Laura wanted an online portfolio for her work and a web presence to point her clients to. Laura blogged a little, but quickly became absorbed in client projects for the next year.

When Laura came back to work on Big Grey Horse Media’s blog, she realized that the site was so much more than her portfolio and posts about writing. While Laura wanted to keep the writing spirit alive within the blog, Laura knew there was more to Big Grey Horse Media.

The blog was expanded into a Texas destination site. While working for clients and pitching to magazines, Laura realized what she really wanted to write about was Texas. Instead of pitching to magazines about the Lone Star State’s greatness, Laura took her knowledge and curiosity to her web property. Laura’s dreams of writing about the people, places, and things that make Texas so special finally came true. In May 2011, Big Grey Horse Media underwent its first metamorphosis.

By 2012, Big Grey Horse Media had a nice collection of restaurant reviews. While doing research on various restaurants in Central Texas, Laura stumbled upon Urbanspoon’s blogger links. This was a cool way for Laura to link her restaurant review blog posts to Urbanspoon’s famous site. Hungry foodie traffic, anyone? Hell, yeah!

When the restaurant reviews went live, Big Grey Horse Media came in at #27 for Urbanspoon’s Texas foodie bloggers. This was a great place to start and it encouraged Laura to continue her foodie reviews. Laura knew she was onto something hot!

As time passed, Foodio54, another national restaurant review site, contacted Laura and invited Big Grey Horse Media to become foodie bloggers. Laura accepted the invitation, of course. As of November 2013, Big Grey Horse Media currently stands at #17 in the nation for Foodio54 bloggers.

And we rank at #8 as Urbanspoon Texas foodie bloggers!

We’ve developed a Pinterest board (we’ve got tons of great pics and pins about all things yummy), our Twitter page (follow us – we follow back), and a YouTube channel (see the Big Grey Horse, Newspaper Taxi, and Laura Townshend training at home and competing in the show ring).

As 2013 draws to a close, Big Grey Horse Media is changing again. While we remain devoted to stories about the Lone Star State, our readers have told us that food is the way to go. We have big plans for 2014 and how the foodie side of the Horse will unfold. Stay tuned!

Big Grey Horse Media now has four writers – Laura Townshend, Afriel Townshend, Marye Audet, and Danny Gallagher. Each of us are proud to create high quality, feature stories for you to read.

We’re offering recipes (we really do love food!) each week in addition to our other stories. The people want cake, and we say, “Let ’em eat it!”


In addition to our groovy blog, Big Grey Horse Media offers writing, marketing, and social media services. Check it out here.


We do Media Parties!!!!!


Contact us with questions, to discuss a project, send tips for an upcoming event, or to ask for a product review. We look forward to speaking with you!



This page was written 11/19/2013.

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